bakery Corralejo

Thats Amore

Thats Amore is an Italian bakery located on the main street of Corralejo.

Covid-19 update! Thats Amore appears to be open, follow the local news to find out what the ‘nivel’ is in Fuerteventura and what the restrictions are.

Cappuccino in Corralejo

On the front is a vitrine with different sorts of cakes, pies and paninis. You can point at what you want. Or take a seat and order something from the menu card.

You can have a seat on the terrace or inside the bakery. On the terrace are more seats than inside, but on your holiday you probably prefer sitting outside. There are windscreens and parasols so you can sit outside the wind and the burning sun.

Thats Amore

Lots of people come here after seeing the Illy sign hanging on the façade. Illy coffee means great cappuccinos and you definitely can get those here. You can also choose a coffee from the coffee specials menu. On this menu you will find ice coffees and coffees with liquor and cream.

With your coffee you can go for a delicious pastry, my personal favourite is the Nutella cake roll.

bakery Corralejo

Aperitivo and cocktails

That’s Amore is also a great place for an aperitif. They serve alcoholic drinks and you can order something to eat with it, like a panini or a salad. 

The waiters are very friendly, the most of them actually are Italians. They all speak very good English and are very helpful.

You can come here from morning till evening, for breakfast, lunch, coffee break, aperitif and late-night snacks or a dessert.

The prices are very reasonable.

When you are on the other side of the main street, you can also go to New Bakery Café.

Price: **
Location: Av. Ntra. Sra. del Carmen, 42, Corralejo, Fuerteventura

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