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Taverna Fogalera

Taverna Fogalera is an Italian restaurant with a nice view on the harbour of Corralejo and on Lobos island.

Covid-19 update! Taverna Fogalera appears to be open, follow the local news to find out what the ‘nivel’ is in Fuerteventura and what the restrictions are.

Italien tavern Corralejo

There isn’t really a terrace, but there are some seats outside. Inside you will feel more comfortable and from here you can also enjoy the ocean view. Taverna Fogalera really is decorated like an Italian taverna. Wooden chairs and tables with red table clothes in a room with bottles of wine everywhere!

Because this restaurant isn’t very big, but very popular, it is a good idea to make a reservation ahead.

The portions aren’t very big, so it may be a good idea to go for a three-course meal. There are a lot of delicious starters which are very difficult to choose between. The most main courses are with pasta or fish/seafood. This isn’t a pizza restaurant, everything is a bit more delicate than most of the restaurants in Corralejo. The fresh tuna is my personal favourite, but my husband prefers the gnocchi wit truffle and fish.

gnocchi with truffleFresh tuna Fuerteventura

Italian dessert 

Of course, the dessert is the best part of most Italian restaurants and it isn’t different at Taverna Fogalera. You can go for a tiramisu or maybe a panna cotta, all are delicious.

Romantic dinner at Taverna Fogalera

This restaurant is perfect for a small group or family but may not the best option for children. It is also a simple but romantic place to eat with your lover.  The prices are a little bit higher than at the restaurants on the main street of Corralejo.


If you like an even more romantic restaurant than you would better go to Mi Casa, but Taverna Fogalera is my favourite one for a lovely dinner with delicious food, good wine and an amazing ocean view.

Price: **
Location: Avenida Martina 12, Corralejo, Fuerteventura

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