Olivo Corso, new Spanish restaurant at el Cotillo (Fuerteventura)

Olivo Corso

Olivo Corso is a new restaurant (2018) in el Cotillo and is an excellant place to eat real Canarian food of high quality with a little twist.

Covid-19 update! Olivo Corso appears to be open, follow the local news to find out what the ‘nivel’ is in Fuerteventura and what the restrictions are.

Canarian restaurant in El Cotillo

The owner (formerly the chef of La Vaca Azul) and his wive come from Corsica and are  always doing a great job. The view isn’t as good as at La Vaca Azul, but the interior is very pretty. There are also two terraces, one at the front and one at the back side.

It is always busy at Olivo Corso, but unfortunately they do not take reservations. So if you want to be sure of a spot, than its better to go early in the evening.

Olivo Corso, new Spanish restaurant at el Cotillo (Fuerteventura)

Canary island wine

They serve great wines from the Canary islands and their octopus is the best that you’ll ever taste.

You can taste that the tuna is realy fresh.

My personal favourite is the tuna tataki, a from origin Japanese dish of nearly raw tuna.

Olivo Corso Crema Catalana

You also really need to try their crema Catalana (a Spanish version of the crème brulee).

If you want to try something different, Instead of ordering a regular three course diner you can also order different tapas to share with your friends or family, that’s the way the locals do it.

Majorero cheese

You will get great value for money at Olivo Corso.

Price: **
Location: Calle Mallorquin, 31, el Cotillo, Fuerteventura

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