El Cotillo light house, Faro de el Tostón Fuerteventura

Tostón lighthouse (lighthouse of El Cotillo/Tostón)

The active El Cotillo lighthouse, el Faro del Tostón is located just outside the fishing village of El Cotillo. It is a nice place for a short visit.

El Cotillo lighthouse

There are three towers. the first was built around 1895, this is the shortest with its seven meters. The second tower has a height of 15 meters. This was built around 1980. The lighthouse with the red and white stripes is the newest and was built around 1950. With a height of more than 30 meters, it is the largest of all three towers.


There is a small museum about fishing inside the lighthouse. Visitors to the museum can also go upstairs in the lighthouse. Be aware that the lighthouse isn’t always open. For me this isn’t a problem because I enjoy watching the lighthouse from the outside the most.

Tostón lighthouse, Lighthouse of el Cotillo/Tostón (Fuerteventura)

El Cotillo beaches

Driving along the beaches from El Cotillo to Tostón and looking around with the lighthouse as the highlight, for me it’s a great break from swimming in the ocean. We took the sandy road along the coast to the lighthouse, but there is also a paved road.

Tostón lighthouse, Lighthouse of el Cotillo/Tostón (Fuerteventura)


Because the El Cotillo lighthouse is close to the watchtowers of El Cotillo (by car), it may be a good idea to combine the two places. Do you like to walk? You can also walk along the cost from Castillo del Tostón to el Faro del Tostón, it will take at least two hours before you are back.

Tostón lighthouse, Lighthouse of el Cotillo/Tostón (Fuerteventura)

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Location: El Cotillo (Fuerteventura)

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