Oliastur is a nice building with several apartments in El Cotillo.
The apartments are varying between two and three bedrooms.

Oliastur swimming pool

All the Oliastur apartments have their own kitchen facilities and there is an elevator. The elevator is not only handy if you have an apartment on a higher level, but also to get to the rooftop terrace or the rooftop swimming pool.

Oliastur 1 Sunset Beach

Oliastur 1 Sunset Beach is one of the bigger apartments and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is also a living room with a sofa and television. The kitchen has all the facilities you need, like a dishwasher, oven and lots of glasses, plates, pots and pans etc.

El Cotillo holiday

If you stay longer at El Cotillo, you will be happy to hear that there is a washing machine. To dry your clothes, you can use your own little patio. Wich is also a good place if you are a smoker.

Oliastur n4

A smaller apartment is Oliastur n4. This apartment has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Oliastur n4 also has a kitchen, living room and a small patio.

Rooftop terrace

The rooftop terrace is shared with other the renters, but it is very big. The Oceanview is amazing. On the rooftop on the other side you’ll find a terrace with loungers and a small swimming pool. When all the apartments are rent it may be a little too small. There are only 8 persons at a time allowed.

The most wonderful beaches of Fuerteventura

Not a problem at all if you like the beach. Because Oliastur lies near the most wonderful beaches of Fuerteventura. On walking distance you’ll find two beautiful beaches in El Cotillo itself. If you have a rental car, you are on a short drive to the Grandes Playas of Corralejo. There are also very nice beaches in Corralejo centre. Witch you can combine with a little shopping in the centre of Corralejo.

Playa de la Concha, El Cotillo

El Cotillo restaurants

When you like to cook yourself, this is the perfect place, but if you like to eat at restaurants you won’t  be disappointed either. There are lots of bakeries and restaurants on walking distance.

Cafetería Cotillo Family

El Cotillo supermarket

For your daily groceries you can go to the spar, just a few steps from the apartment. Or take the car to one of the two Super Dino’s of El Cotillo.

Spar El Cotillo

Restaurants near Oliastur

The restaurants in the nearest surrounding are, Olivo Corso, Marea Alta, Piedra Alta and acorralado.

Marea Alta

The price for a 4-person apartment is around 550 a week.

Price: *
location: calle Juan Bethencourt, El Cotillo, Fuerteventura

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