Museo del queso Majorero

Museo del queso Majorero

Museo del queso Majorero is a museum about the famous cheese of Fuerteventura. This cheese museum is located just outside the village of Antigua.

Fuerteventura Museums

Spread across Fuerteventura are some very nice museums about the live on Fuerteventura, from the past till these days. These museums are working together to show the culture of Fuerteventura.

Goat cheese museum Fuerteventura

Museo de queso Majorero in Antigua is all about the Majorero cheese. This goat cheese is an award-winning cheese and loved by many people.

Majorero cheese

You can go to the museum by an excursion or with a rental car. If you choose to go with your rental car you won’t have problem parking your car, because there is plenty of parking space.

Other museums on the island

You need to buy a ticket to get in the museum it costs around 4 euros, or you can buy a combi ticket which includes the entrance to the museo de las Salinas del Carmen (salt museum) and the Centro de interpretación los molinos. This will cost you around 11 euros.

Majorero museum

At the Majorero museum you will find a windmill where you can have a look inside. The museum has several rooms with different themes. You will get information about the goats and about making the goat cheese.


Cactus garden

There is also a very nice cactus garden witch you definitely need to visit. Here are amazing cactuses big as trees and also a variety of small ones with lovely flowers.

Buy majorero cheese

The café of Museo del queso Majorero isn’t open yet, but in the souvenir shop you can buy Majorero cheese to take back home or to eat at your holiday rental. They also sell other nice things like, postcards, honey candles and jewelleries.

opening times

The opening hours of the museum are every day from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm
For the most recent information take a look at the website of the museum.

I really think it’s a shame that most tourist don’t go here. It is a small, but very nice clean and cheap museum where you will find out a lot about the famous goat cheese of Fuerteventura.

Price: *
Location: Calle Virgen de Antigua km 20, Fuerteventura

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