Mi Casa

Mi Casa is a restaurant in Corralejo with one of the best views of the entire island of Fuerteventura. This Italian restaurant serves amazing pasta and fresh fish.

Corralejo restaurant

Making a reservation is necessary to enjoy the ocean view from the terrace of Mi Casa. If you don’t make a reservation you may be lucky to get a table, but the best tables are probably already taken.

Mi Casa Corralejo

Fuerteventura honeymoon

Mi Casa is definitely one of the best choices for a romantic diner in Corralejo. Especially when you are on honeymoon to the Canary Islands this will make your holiday complete.

Mi Casa Corralejo

The restaurant is shabby chic decorated with a little beach vibe. The food is also beachy, with lots of fish and seafood options. The plates where all made up very nice and elegant.

Mi Casa is a Italian restaurant in Corralejo on the island of Fuerteventura.

Wine from the Canary Islands

They serve delicious wines from the Canary Islands and beyond. The sangria is also a pleasure to drink. The first courses are the most beautiful dishes and look wonderful on the plate, so if you are going for a romantic special diner you definitely need to order a starter.

Seafood restaurant Corralejo

For the main course you can choose between a variety of dishes most of them are with fish or seafood, but there are also some meat options. If you like Italian pasta you are on the right place here. They have very exiting flavour combinations for you to try, like pasta carbonara with seafood.

The Italian desserts are what Italian desserts always are, when well-prepared, very delicious. I recommend a homemade pastry with maybe a coffee.

Ocean view restaurant

Take your time when you dine in this restaurant because the price is a little bit higher than usual in Corralejo. So, enjoy the ocean view as much as you can!


Parking in front of the restaurant is not possible and finding a parking spot in the main Street near the restaurant can be difficult. But just outside the centre are some bigger parking lots and it is a nice walk over the boulevard.

Price: ***
Location: Calle Marítima 42, Corralejo, Fuerteventura
Website: micasa.r360.es/en/

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