Lobos island, a small island between Fuertevantura and Lanzarote. Isla de Lobos.

Lobos island / isla de Lobos

This small island between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote is definitely worth a visit during your stay in Corralejo. By ferry you can sail from Corralejo to Lobos island in just 20 minutes.

Lobos Island restaurant

The Spanish name of Lobos island is Isla de Lobos. The island is named after the seals that used to be here (Lobos means wolves). Nowadays the seals are only made of stone. There is only one restaurant on this island. Because there are no other restaurants, it will always be busy, so you have to make a reservation ahead.

Picnic on Isla de Lobos

If you don’t want to go to the restaurant, another great option is to pack your own picnic. It is very romantic to have a picnic on the beach, especially on a desert island. When you are with a family than it may be more practical to go to the picknick place with picnic benches on the road between de landing place and the beach.


You will find many plants on Isla de Lobos (some are only found on this island). There are also many birds and some lizards. You can take a walk to the lighthouse or go to the golden white beach were the sea is fairly safe to swim with your children. Also snorkelling around the island is amazing, because there are a lot of beautiful fishes.

Excursions to Lobos Island

There are also lots of options instead of taking the ferry. You can go with a water taxi (the cheapest) or on a catamaran or sail excursion, it costs more but it mostly includes snorkelling, kayak, food and drinks. The most excursions go around the island and not actually on the island.

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