windmill Lajares


This little village in the north of Fuerteventura is a cool place to stay, it is known as the the surfers and hippy village of the island. The vibe here in Lajares is very relaxing.  You are on a short drive from Corralejo (the biggest bathing place of the north) and El Cotillo (a very pretty fishing village).

Active vacation

Lajares is a nice place to stay for active people, because there are lots of surf schools, bike rentals and hiking routes. You can rent a very basic room with shared bathroom for 30 to 40 euros a night. This price is based on a two person room. For less money you can sleep on a dorm.

Cactus Lajares

For the price of 35 till 60 euros a night you can stay with two people during high season in a simple hotel or self-catering apartment.

Family villa

villa Fuerteventura

For family’s with younger children it may also be a pretty option to have a quiet family villa in Lajares. A 6 person villa will cost somewhere between 70 and 200 euros a night during high season. Some of the villas in the higher price category might have a private pool.

Things to do in Lajares

In Lajares there isn’t very much entertainment. However, there are some really good restaurants, surfers cafes and bakeries. There are also some (handwork) shops, a supermarket and surfs schools.


Every Saturday morning from 10:00 till 14:00 there is a nice handcraft market at the market square of Lajares. On this market you can buy local art and souvenirs.

Fuerteventura hiking

If you like to walk, than you can walk to the volcano Calderon Hondo. When you are at the top, you’ll find a nice view in to the crater and over the beaches of Corralejo. There also is the opportunity to have a camel ride around the vulcano.

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