El Goloso del Cotillo

El Goloso del Cotillo

El Goloso del Cotillo is a French orientated bakery. It is very popular with tourists as well with locals.
It is one of the cheaper places to drink a coffee and to eat a sandwich or pastry.

El Cotillo bakery

You can come here for a simple breakfast with juices, coffees, bocadillos and pastries. Also, for a quick and simple lunch or a coffee break this is the right place. The only thing you will maybe miss is a terrace. Inside are a lot of seating places, but you can also take away. Maybe you have a nice hotel or apartment with an amazing terrace like the apartments of Oliastur where you have a shared rooftop terrace with mind-blowing Oceanview. Another great option is to have a picnic at El Cotillo beach which is on walking distance or playa de la concha.

French bakery on Fuerteventura

The French pastries at El Goloso are amazing, you definitely need to try an éclair from this bakery. A really touristic thing to do is buying one of the goat cookies and making a selfie with the cookie. The locals may think it’s a little weird, but who cares, it is all about making memories (and maybe some Instagram pics) isn’t it? And the cookies are also very tasty.

El Goloso del Cotillo and Lajares

In Lajares there is another El Goloso bakery, this one has a nice rooftop terrace. There is also an El Goloso express in Lajares for a quick snack on your way to the beach.

Price: *
Location: Calle de Pedro Cabrera Saavedra 1, El Cotillo (Fuerteventura)

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