Bakery Lajares

El Goloso de Lajares

El Goloso de Lajares is a bakery on the main road of Lajares. It is a very central place on the road from Corralejo to El Cotillo.

Surfers breakfast Lajares

In the summer it is very busy and much visited by motor riders and all year round it is busy during the morning with school children and surfers.

There is a rooftop terrace with a small playground for children.

Cheap but good coffee

The coffee is very cheap and delicious. And so are the ‘bocadillos’. I recommend to try a mini quiche with for example salmon. Because this bakery is french orientated, there are several sweets like eclairs.

El Goloso de Lajares

El Goloso de Lajares express

In Lajares there is also an El Goloso express and in El Cotillo there is another bakery from El Goloso.

Take away Lajares

You can also have your coffee and ‘bocadillos’ or pastries for take away. This may be a great option when you are going to the beach or want something for between surfing. El Goloso is one of the first places that is open where you can eat. The location of El Goloso de Lajares is ideal when you come from Corralejo and go to the beaches of El Cotillo.

Price: *
Location: Calle Coronel Latherta González Hierro, Lajares (Fuerteventura)

Bakery Lajares

When you haven’t much time and want a quick coffee or sandwich than I recommend you to go to the el Goloso express on the other side of the street. Because you don’t have to wait here for people who order varieties of coffee, bocadillos and juices.

Another surfers hotspot in Lajares is Canela Cafe.

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