Betancuria is the former capital of Fuerteventura. It was the capital of Fuerteventura from early 1400 till somewhere in the 1830s. From than till now the capital has been Puerto del Rosario.

Cultural centre of Fuerteventura

Even if it was once the centre of island, wright now there is only a village with a little population left.

Nonetheless Betancuria is definitely worth a visit, because it is known as the cultural centre of Fuerteventura.  


One of the things that may surprise you will be the greenness of the village. It is lying in a oases so there are growing more plants than on the most places of the island.


Finca holiday in Betancuria

When you like a relaxing, cultural and hiking vacation, Betancuria will be the perfect place for you to stay. There aren’t lots of accommodations, but when you search a little you will find something unexpecting and really beautiful. The price will be around the 40 euros for a double room with private bathroom in a finca.

Museums and shops

The most people come to Betancuria for a day trip. There is a beautiful church which you can enter for one and a half euros.

Betancuria church

There is also a museum about Fuerteventura and the products they made on the island in the past till now. The museum is called museum de Arte Sacro. The price to enter the museum is around the six euros. It includes a fifteen minute film about Fuerteventura.  There is also a small shop at the museum where you can buy local things like the famous Majorero cheese (queso Majorero).

Betancuria restaurants

There are a lot of options for lunch for such a small village. Unfortunately not every restaurant is as good. Two of the better restaurants are Casa de Santa Maria and La Sombra. Both the restaurants serve tapas, but La Sombra also serves delicious hamburgers (with goat cheese and homemade cactus sauce).

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