Antigua church


The village of Antigua has the same name as the municipality of Antigua. In this municipality you’ll also find Caleta de Fuste, which by the way is a more popular, but small touristic area directly at the ocean.

Local lifestyle in Antigua

At the moment Antigua isn’t a very touristic village at all. Here you can stay between the locals and enjoy the real canarian lifestyle.

Good location

With Puerto del Rosario (the capital of Fuerteventura), Costa de Antigua, Caleta de Fuste and Betancuria (the former capital) all within a 20 minute drive, it will give you the opportunity to see a lot of the island and enjoy the best from a couple of villages and places.

Cheap holiday destination

Especially when you travel with more than 4 people, it is a very cheap place to stay. You can have a holiday rental house during high season for 70 till 90 euros a night, in which you can stay with 4 till 7 people.

Antigua plaza

There is a very pretty white church in the centre of the village the Calle Plaza. This church is called  Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Antigua. Visiting this church (mostly opened for visitors in the mornings) is for free.  Around the church you’ll find a couple of cafés and within a short walk there is a bakery and a Hiperdino Supermarket.

Oldest windmill of Fuerteventura

The windmill that stands within 1 kilometre of Antigua is known as the oldest windmill of Fuerteventura. Inside this windmill is a small museum, where you can see how they worked in the earlier years.


In the next-door village of Triquivijate you’ll find a restaurant that is called the best restaurant of the island by many people. This restaurants, called Antonia, Triquivijate will be reached within a ten minute drive. Making a reservation is necessary.

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